Wigs: my Prosthesis for Emotional well-being

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Wigs - my Prosthesis for Emotional Well-Being

Private Insurance may cover your expenses - this is how ...

  • Ring Your provide insurance company and ask for "covered expenses" relating to prostheses, prosthetic devices or medical durable equipment. It sometime call "cranial prosthesis" in insurance terms.
  • Get your oncologist to write a letter stating that due to chemotheraphy, hair loss is a side effect.
  • Keep copies of your sales or invoices for your cranial prosthesis.  Incase you claims got lose in the mail.

So ladies ... let do some shopping online ...


Reminder: do sign up for the "look good ... feel better" workshop in your hospital.  It is fun, and get to try on various wigs and headwares - bring a camera & take some photos ... then show it to your girlfriends.    check it out now ... and go to the workshop & you may get some fresh perspective ...

Look Good...Feel Better
A free community service program in Australia which helps women manage the appearance-related side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


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    Just like to add,

    my private health extra's did not cover my hair prothesis (required a 6 month waiting period for $150 only),

    but I did read in a brochure, that as above - get a letter from your doctor stating your "Requirement" for a hair prothesis (not a suggestion)  and that you include it with your medical costs on your taxation for that financial year of purchase.

    I will be following this up with my neice at a large accounting firm in the next month or so that I can be super confident about this.  I would also recommend keeping all your receipts, as you never know what else you maybe able to claim like transport or membership fees.

    Wish there was a proper guide for this from the ATO or one of the cancer organisations, as all the $$$ certainly add up over time of treatment.

    cheers bardoe