The Power of Colour - Chirpy & Effervescent?

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The Power of Colour

"Got up this morning feeling like sh***?   Don't reach for.................. It's amazing how wearing one of the right colours for you can change your mood from deepest, darkest gloom and doom to annoyingly chirpy and effervescent."

ref: Trinny & Susannah

Amazing how Colourful Wardrobe can have healing power!! The power of fun/bring colours that suits you will simply radiate from your clothes to your surroundings, and importantly to your children and love ones.   And YOU - look good, feels better girls!


Wearing Green - Nurturing and Earthy

Green is considered to be one of the most healing among all the colors.

2. Wearing Blue - Serenity and Calm

Wearing blue helps create a place of calm and serenity.

3. Wearing Gray or Black ==> Make sure you Splash yourself with Bright Colours. I.e. scarf, Accessories & headware!!!

4. Wearing Orange - Energetic and Creative

Orange urges you to get out into the world and create something grand!

5. Wearing Pink - Open Heart

Wearing pink conveys compassion and an open heart.

6. Wearing Purple - Unique and Special

Wearing purple shows others that you want to be noticed.

7. Wearing Red - Powerful and Confident

Red can really pack a punch when needed.

8. Wearing White - Fresh Outlook - New Beginnings

Wearing white will help reduce any nagging feelings of disappointment or drudge.

9. Wearing Yellow - Cheerful and Happy

Yellow is the perfect color to wear whenever your spirits needs an uplift.

10. Chemo with Style ... lets splash yourself with some beautiful colours to brington your day!  Today, Tomorrow and the day after ...