Do you own a "Build-in Bra Tank Top"?

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Hi Ladies,

Welcome to my post.  Yes I have been busy - It has been a year since I finished my radiation.  I just finished my last breast reconstruction ... ummm does feel good ... having two new grapefruit-sized breasts on my chest ... still have one more surgery to go ... needless to say .. "the cherry on top" :)

Build-in Bra Tank Top was my wardrode life saver

So from my personal experience, I had my single mastectomy with a tissue expander at the same surgery.  So I ask myself ...

What bra can I wear so I still look good with clothes on?  Or before I get around to order my Mastectomy bras?

Answer - A Build-in Bra Tank Top !!!

Wear a Build-in Bra Top under everything - Because it is tank top with Built-in shelf bra for hidden support.  You will have two perfect boobs without surgery or using Credit Cards online!  Yes "My perfect instant implants". 

If you have small boobs like me, you can wear also wear a cupped bra as first layer, and then the bra tank-top as the second layer.  I like it because it gives my comfort and confident that my bra strap & cup won't slide upwards on the Mastectomy side.  Silly I know, but it is one of the hidden Magicof layering your under garment!

more tips:

* Build-in Bra Tank-tops are cheap compares to Mastectomy bras.  So get a few of them. i.e. white, black and grey. 

* Recycle your existing wired bra, by taking the wire out.  (just a little cut near the wire then put it out).

What do you think of the Build-in Bra Tank Top Magic?