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firs time

GieGie Member Posts: 3
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I am 35 yrs old when i was diagnosed with this disease Oct. last year.i had 3 surgery before we deside for a double mastectomy a week ago.still hard but im getting there.

The hard thing is i am away from my family,but im lucky i have a supportive husband and friend who are always there from the first day untill now.first time happend in the family and its really hard to explain to them whats going on.especially they are milles away frm me..but hopefully  if we embrace each day as it comes,we get through all this.


  • moira1moira1 Member Posts: 449
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    first of all welcome to our great band of women. you have come to the right place for support.

    I like you am far away from my family, I am living in Oz and all my familiy are in the UK. so i only had my husband also. Being the youngest of 6 sisters and 5 brothers and the only one in the family to get this horrible disease

    Having never had anything like this in the family, we tend to want to shield them, Although they all supported me from afar with cards, phone calls and money to help with travel, I still didnt want to make a big deal out of it.

    I just want to say take one day at a time, and make time for yourself while making this journey. and of course we are all here whether you want to rant, cry or laugh, we have a wealth of information on here with ladies who are going through or have been through the journey, so no question is stupid, so when you are feeling up to it, please pop in and keep up updated, If you have any problems with the site usage please yell out.

    Regards Moira



  • GieGie Member Posts: 3
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    Hello moira,lucky you your family is frm uk.mine is from philippines and sad to say they cant afford to send anything from philippines to here in QLD.but still im thankful we communicate throug net.how i wish i can see them before having chemo but as of now im not sure.

    Anyway thank you for your reply.sorry about my grammar.keep in touch and God bless to us.

    Love Gie


  • GieGie Member Posts: 3
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    Hi mich x,thank for the reply.yes it is really hard for them whats been happening coz i am the first in the family.hopefully i cant visit them before having chemo.praying it would be happend soon.


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