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So today I have nipples again!

BalijoBalijo Member Posts: 29
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Last Wednesday I had my bilateral nipple reconstruction performed. All was pretty easy, an overnight stay in hospital, limited pain as I'm numb in the area anyway, just a bit sore where he tucked one saggy boobie up. But Panadol was all I needed to cope with after the first day.

Today I returned to my surgeon to have my dressings removed, which was bloody painful after the nurse ensured I was waterproof with lots of sticky plastic!!
But all was removed and I am amazed at the result, I now have nipples again!!

By taking a triangular flap of skin, and rolling it, sewing it all in place, and there they are. Looking down today they still seem a bit thick, but my doc assures me they will shrink. I was surprised at the amount of stitches I have, and they are not dissolvable so have to visit again to remove them, which apparently will be done over a couple of visits.

The scarring should be covered by the tattoo in a few months.

I am just amazed at what can be done, I am starting to feel "normal" again, and I can't believe I can be so excited by nipples. But as always it's the things that we take for granted.............


  • Miss SueMiss Sue Member Posts: 12
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    Yay, congratulations on your new nipples! I had a recon of my right breast 9 weeks ago and am looking forward to a finished product a little down the track. My surgeon has indicated that at approx the 6 month mark he will add a nipple, so looking forward to that. Hope to have a little tune up of my left breast at the same time to achieve some symmetry. Looking forward to hearing how everything is once it all settles down. 

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