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FranP Member Posts: 396
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what is going on . just read that Tracey or better known as traxx65 passed away . and also Belinda matsui recently passed away and now i just found out my friend Sam cunnington is in hospital this just suck's please we have to find a cure and soon.


  • Leonie Moore
    Leonie Moore Member Posts: 1,470
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    Hi Fran, I too was very shocked to hear about Tracey.  Beautiful Belinda as well.  Such amazing young women.  Belinda's funeral was held in Brisbane last week.  A friend of mine (a young pink sister) attended and said how awesome it was.  Apparently Belinda organised it all.  This disease and the consequences of it are so heartbreaking and sometimes I find it difficult to deal with it all.  I then remind myself "to get back into my own vase".  Not easy when you care about others is it?  I am trying to get back into the workforce (only very part time) just to "feel" a bit normal.  How I myself deal with all these passings - way before their time - is to live the best and healthiest life I can.  I really am high maintenance these days and it does cost a lot of money to "get answers" and act on getting and staying healthy.  I think of Sam every day and what a kind, caring person she is.  My prayers include her and her family.  Take care Fran XLeonie

  • MandaMoo
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    Yes it's time. We have already lost 4 from our online group this year - all under 50 with young families. Belinda's children are the same age as mine. And now Sam too is preparing for the next transition.
    In my real life support group many of us are having a really rough time.
    I too Leonie go back into my vase as you say - we meet these wonderful people and learn and grown and follow our own unique path.

    It's simply too sad to be losing all of these wonderful women.
  • magicmum
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    I have been wondering for some time about Belinda - oh dear, it's just too sad. I can't bear the thought of leaving my children even now and I'm an old lady in comparison.

    I only hope I have the same sterngth and courage as she did to bear the end, her posts were so encouraging and uplifting. I hope her children can always remember that about their mum.

    Love and good wishes to all in difficult times.


  • FranP
    FranP Member Posts: 396
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    thanks for all the thoughts , i haven't spoken to Steve, Sam's hubby for a while just needed a bit of time out as have been in Melbourne with my girlfriend who is dying from ovarian cancer and she isn't to good. just skin and bone. she isnt afraid of dying but doesn't want to suffer. her pal care people have told her they will make sure she doesn't but she is still scared of what is ahead for her. she is on patches and several pills for pain already and the tumors are spreading. fast. she cant go to toilet and laxetives dont work it is so sad. any how i am having a little time out so i can support her. she is like a sister to me we have been close for 30+ years. we have to do something  but what?????