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three admissions

robbiebrobbieb Member Posts: 16
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Hi ladies,

Just after some advice please. I had left Mastectomy and axillary clearance for breast cancer two years ago. I had the chemo and now on Arimadex. I was really well up until Jan this year.

I was taken by ambulance and admitted local hospital, with pneumonia. IV antis etc then readmission with two weeks, still with pneumonia and pleurisy as well. Again IV antis discharge then within week or so a third admission for same thing. Each time I was seen by different hospital doctors and despite my asking they did not further test or refer. My local doctor is disgusted and I will be getting him to refer me this week. The third time the doctor said I had fluid on the lungs and as well as antis now fluid tabs. 

Has anyone had the same type of thing... am I right to want to be referred as my chest feels no different. My local doctor did tell me chest xray wasn't normal, there were two different issues they didn't check on.

Just getting frustrated, I just want to know if it has spread so I can manage it.

Thanks for listening, hope to hear soon.



  • Mich xMich x Member Posts: 1,530
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    Hey Robyn

    I can't even relate to what you are going through after being so far down the track of your BC diagnosis.

    I had bronchial pneumonia which wiped me out for 6 weeks following on from my 7 weeks of radiotherapy and 6 sessions of chemo. BUT........ I have been all good since then.

    If I were you (and I am not) BUT if I were I would be seeking further opinions and it sounds like you have a GP who is on your side which is wonderful so keeping pushing till you get some answers.

    I wish you all the best and wish I could offer more than my love and support, Mich xoxo

  • robbiebrobbieb Member Posts: 16
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    Thanks Mich, I appreciate your kind words very much. Thanks also for encouragement to seek further opinion, I definately will.

    Glad to hear you are okay now after radio and chemo.

    take care,

    regards Robyn.

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