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Learning to blogg correctly!!!! Many thanks for all of your comments. Had the new "Heavy Duty" Chemo today and the numerous after drugs. I have loads of info now and had more questions for my Oncologist today. So NO fears, all positive and looking to the future. I understand there will be set backs but I have so many wonderful things and people in my life my intention is to give it my all when I can. Although last week I dropped out for two days......

I also wish everyone peace, love, and there is always hope, be strong, be positive. I met a wonderul couple during my very first " chemo experience" some months back whilst in the Chemo ward. They have been going through all of this for 24 years, she has had some recent bad news but what an ispirational person to the new comer. She is fighting hard and has been very lucky to have a good husband who has made her journey - his.

To those of you who are struggling I extend my hand and walk with me, I have strength for two. Help to educate all those you come into contact with IBC , to give encouragement to those who need it as Sandra 53 has to me, so thank you once again. Cheers until next time. I think of you all daily. Hillburn

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