Hair today, gone tomorrow

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Well, I took the final step today (despite the title) and had all my hair cut all off with clippers - less than a number 1. It was all starting to  fall out exactly on schedule at day 14 and I didn't want to be patchy.

My beautiful hair dresser removed it all for me and then trimmed my wig (see my provile pic). A lovely friend and work colleague sat with me and is planning on wearing a wig on Monday when I return to work. Other work colleagues tell me they're planning to wear scarves and turbans.

I've posted the new look on FB and been overwhelmed by compliments and messages of support. Some male friends have even been envious that I still have more hair than them. Wish I could post more than 1 pic (profile pic) at a time.

I went to lunch bareheaded and quickly forgot all about it.

My hairdresser tells me that the last fuzz left will go and my scalp will be like my arm - smooth and shiny.

Funnily, I can't stop rubbing my hand over my head and it SO noisy!

More adventures in breast cancer treatments await me ...


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    I just wanted to jump in to say you can uploaded more photos of your new look :-) When you comment on your post or create a new post you should see a little Camera icon next to the YouTube symblol?? If you click the camera you can browse to a picture and upload it. You can add as many as you like. Let me know how you go and if you want a hand.

    Maybe you could do a before and after shot! :-)

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    thanks. iI'll give it a go :)