Webinar: when cancer changes your financial plans

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Hi everyone,  just wanted to let you know that the online webinar for women with advanced cancers was a great success, and the video is now available. Here's the details for anyone who missed it:

Online webinar: When cancer changes your financial plans

The two videos, below are two parts of an online webinar that was presented in November 2012 for those affected by advanced cancers. The webinar was recorded live over 60 minutes and is split into two 30-minute parts (below).

Part 1: Topics covered include: budgeting, navigating centrelink when you have advanced cancer, managing debts, accessing superannuation and insurance, and planning your estate.

Part 2: Questions & answers

The webinar was hosted by Cancer Council Victoria, and the presenter is Joan Berkery-Coleman of Arrive Wealth Management (Vic).

<h4>Part 1: Financial planning</h4>

<h4>Part 2: Questions & answers</h4>


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    I see it!  Sorry for the delay in replying, but there it is. :D