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Hi all, been flat as a tack of late, mini field was wonderful , then had my girlfriend  of 30+ years with ovarian cancer on the phone in tears her cancer markers are up higher then when she was diagnosed  has had taxole chemo didnt work so they are trying another but she had ct's today to see if it has spread and if it is the reason her bowell is blocked. 

then found out another lady just an aquaintance has renal cancer that has spread to her liver and lymphnodes. 

then this morning got a call about a very close friend to us both her breast cancer that she has been fighting for 12 years is again on the move and she is to go into hospital on monday for a mastectomey she has had lumpectomies galore but it has come to this now.

a mate of Daryl's has advanced prostate cancer.

another young women  has oesophagal cancer a local nurse friends of my friend marilyn. 

i am at the stage i don't wont to answer the phone .

and it brings it all back in your face . 

im okay i am the lucky one . i just feel bad.


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    Gee sorry to hear about all the bad news. Hoping you get to hear something good soon. Take care Dot xx