Out of Pocket Expenses to be reimbursed by Health Insurer!

leonie havnen
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Hi there, just a quick update, just received a phone call from my health insurer and they have decided to reimburse me my out of pocket expenses for one of my major surgeries!!!  This is fantastic news, so any of you out there who have also been out of pocket, I would love to hear from you so that I can take our concerns to the Minister for Health Tanya Plebersek!!!  Please see earlier blog for additional information.


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    Hi Leonie,


    I have just been thinking about this after going to see my plastic surgeon yesterday for a pre reconstruction talk and finding out it will be over $15,000 after my health fund (HCF)and medicare !


    Can you please let me know what you did to get them to look at this for you?


    That is great news for you.