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Hello out there!

I have been approached by the Telegraph paper to assist them with an article about 'out of pocket expenses' for medical procedures relating to my breast cancer surgeries etc.  The article is expected to appear on the front page of the Sunday Telegraph 18 November.

I am very interested in hearing from people who have also experienced out of pocket high medical costs for procedures they have had undertaken and what lengths you have had to go to meet these costs and continue to meet.

I had to access my superannution fund to meet my costs, which quickly ran out and I have two more surgeries to undergo! 

Once I have received sufficient information from others I plan to make an appointment to go and see Federal Health and Community Services Minister Ms Tanya Plebersek to commence lobbying the Federal Government and Health Insurance Companies to increase their rebates on medical costs, along with having no commencement and cease dates for qualifying for the Medicare Safety Net when being diganosed for a life threatening illness.

I can receive your informaiton by emailing me:

leonie.havnen@defence.gov.au or via this blog.

Please help me, to help make a difference for so many other women who will be following in our footsteps.

kind regards

Leonie Havnen


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    Hi Leonie,

    Thank you for sharing your story! I have just seen the article you were refering to. I thought I would post a link her so others can read it - Medicare rebates don't keep up with inflation.....[read more]


  • leonie havnen
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    Hi Daina thanks so much for doing that for me.  At times I am very IT challenged.  Is it also possible to load a link another, as Channel 10 - The Project on Sunday evening also ran a story about the issue as a follow up to the Sunday Telegraphs paper.

    Also great news my Health Insurance Company have reimbursed me the monies they said they would!  Now I have some additional funds to go towards my two additional surgeries that I will be undergoing in the new year!