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Hi I'm Kim 43 years old 2 children 12 and 9 and a
wonderful husband and family. Last year my world came crashing down when diagnosed with breast
cancer in July. Following this was a dark cloud of
Doctors appointments and horrendous tests. I thought it was the end.

I had a double mastectomy with Reconstruction. 7 hour surgery. When I woke first thing I asked. Was it in lymph nodes. When they said yes in 2 I knew chemo was to follow.

I had 6 treatments of TAC and finished Dec 23 2011.
I now am moving on as the NEW me, back at work, life as I knew it but with a different perspective on life
Trying to keep positive about the future and having the utmost love and appreciation for the wonderful
Family and friends that just stepped up and supported me throughout. Also the many courageous
Woman I met during treatment and the support group I have joined.

This is the first time I have written a blog and look forward to reading of other peoples journeys.


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    I'm glad you've finished all the treatment and that you're starting off with the new you!

    I've recently finished too - had my last treatment in May 2012.  I was diagnosed in October 2011, had a mastectomy in November and then started chemo in December.

    I'm trying to start off with the "new" me as well.

     I am doing some fundraising for the Hospital that treated me and I did recently complete some training to be a Community Liaison with the BCNA so things are changing for me - but all in the positive.

    I hope things continue on the up and up for you.