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Hello lovely ladies, I am feeling a bit lost I do not have private health cover and have been told the public waiting list for reconstruction could be years. Is there any way of finding out what surgeons may support some of the costs and would I be out of pocket a lot of money if I went this way? I am having issues with nerve pain around the auxillary clearance and am finding the prothesis extremely uncomfortable (DD) hot heavy and irritating. I am happy to take all suggestions as I really don't want to have to wait years. I am only 46 yo and would like to have two boobs again. One DD and one no boob is crap I would have had them both off if I had of known what it would be like? Any help would be great :)


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    Hi Minnieme, where do you live? In Sydney there are some great Drs who do reconstruction on public patients, and often the wait isn't too long. Maybe 7 to 12 months, but certainly not years. It isn't as though this is plastic surgery for vanity. A new boob should not be in the same class as breast augmentation, and so perhaps you should see your GP, or your breast surgeon and ask for a referral. I am so delighted with my implants, and glad that I don't need to wear a prosthesis anymore. I was only a B cup amd that was bad enough. Because I had a double mastectomy, I now have 2 new silicone implants about the same size that my old boobs were, and I am pretty happy with them. I will still need to have some nipples tattooed on, and this will probably happen soon. Good luck and I hope you find someone who will help you soon. Love Chris xx
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    Hi Minnieme,

    As Chris mentioned you might be best to contact your GP or reconnect with your breast care nurse, they would be good to talk to you about your options.

    There is also some information on our website with options for breast reconstruction which may help.

    Good luck. Cheers, Daina