ADMIN: Adding images

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edited July 2012 in General discussion

Hi all,

We're currently looking into some code improvements to help make it easier for you to add images to your blog posts and comments. 

First we need to fix a bug that is preventing some of you from linking to images now, and then we want to (hopefully!) see if we can find a way for you to upload images directly here that isn't too prohibitive for BCNA in terms of bandwidth and hosting costs (hosting images can be expensive).

To help us out, can you please let me know in the comments where you currently try and link images from (eg. Facebook, photobucket, flickr, Google+ etc.). That will help us fix the existing bug.

I'd also love to hear any other comments you have about what you find easy or difficult  when you try to add images on other sites, as that will help us decide which way to go, too.

Thanks heaps