So today............

Yasmin Wiedemann
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Thursday 19 April 2012


So today I had my oncologist appointment to get all the dets of the next phase of my cancer.....CHEMO!

So It starts in about 2-3 weeks and goes for 6 months! FARK! As Nick said, "You'll be away for Winter and back for Spring!" LOL.

My 1st lot is for 12 weeks, every 3 weeks. And then 1 day a week for 12 weeks!

Hair loss is a definate so today, I got me a new short hairdo! WOT WOT!!! lol. Also have found a couple of spunky wigs!! And will learn how to tie a mean scarf!!!

Clearly am a bit concerned about the hair loss as apparently when it does fall out, it will over a couple of DAYS!!!! So thought, getting my hair cut, will make it not so bad, for Zoe to see! Am super nervous at how Zoe will react, so wanna make it as easy for her as possible!

Am booked into a workshop called "Look Good, Feel Better" which will teach me and help me with how I will/may feel about the changes. So I look forward to that! (thats where I will learn to tie my mean scarf! lol)

So thats MY NUT SHELL!

How are all of you????

May I also add, that today I drove to and from the Royal Melbourne Hospital, all by myself!!!! And had no trouble!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! (nick has taken me, every othertime and have been super nervous about driving there by myself, so a good day!)