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The cost of happiness!

JhendersonJhenderson Member Posts: 8
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Hello, I met with a plastic & reconstructive surgeon yesterday to discuss my options for recon after having a mastectomy 3 years ago. It looks like I am a great candidate for a “Tram Flap” and a reduction on the other side. Really excited with the choice until we started to talk about the out of pocket dollars!! Surgery all up will cost around $25,000 but lucky I have private health so my out of pocket bill around $7,000 - $8,000. But then I will need to go back 6- 12 months later for a nipple recon and also all the x-rays and scans before the surgery which aren’t taken into this amount..And "Hey" not forgetting to mention all the out of pocket expense I have already had with my treatment thus far (Looks like spag on toast for the next 6 months lol)

On a serious note I do feel guilty with all the extra expense I have put on my family. And sometimes thinks I should be just grateful to have my health back… Do any of you feel the same way?? Why does this journey have to make us broke along the way?


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