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End chemo round 2

serenity11serenity11 Member Posts: 143
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Another round complete. Round 3 tomorrow.  Again I am back to feeling 90%.  This time was so much easier due to reduction in steroids, but still went numb from head to toe.  Makes life difficult and means I am isolated at home.

However, I have been able to get around without the headaches, limited nausea and have been able to eat - although I dont want to.

What I have learnt in the last two weeks:

My  family is fabulous and there is nothing they wouldnt do for me.  Always knew this but they are amazing.

Thanks to my breast care nurse I learnt that the combination of one maxalon and two panadol knocks the "pressure" headache out completely - apparently it works for some and not for others. Plain panadol has no effect on me at all at the moment.  Wish I knew that round 1!

When the steroids wear off you get a "blue" mental period.  This is normal and it will pass. I didn't know this round 1.  Now I do I found it easier to get through the low mood day.

Hats!  As I am not going back to work I have decided not to bother with a wig.  But I am discovering hats.  Have discovered a USA site for cancer patients called "headcovers.com". The most amazing array of caps, hats, wigs, eyebrows etc etc. I ordered some little caps to wear under my existing hats so as to avoid the itchy head (two days to get here - so happy) and I have promised myself a couple of hats this session as a "well done gift".   Next session I will get a "why not" gift :)

My sister also invested in some of the accessories to add to her hat for race day (lives in the country and race day is a big event). 

When your hair is wisping away from your head like cobwebs or fairy floss in the wind, it is time for the clippers.  Which I have done.  A number 4 blade - and my hair is thinning but still hanging in there.  My scalp is so sensitive I dont want to shave, but I have found that a gentle massage with olive oil has relieved the itching. My mum used to put olive oil in our hair as kids to condition our hair and our scalps.  It felt great.

Dont go on Facebook with chemo brain.  There is potential for you to get into trouble :)  if you play with all the buttons around the page.

Riding your stationary bike when you have insomnia actually feels good, doesnt amp you up, rather it calms you.

The human brain is amazing (knew this too). I am learning the art of meditation and relaxation and it is working.  It is great.

Laughter is by far the best medicine. 

I am going to start knitting again.  I am inspired by many of the ladies who I see on my chemo day, knitting away with purpose.  When my mum died she left a chest of wool which I have kept.  I have decided to knit squares that can be put together into blankets as keepsakes.  I figure squares will be easier than toting around a blanket.

The look good feel better session is worth the two hours.  If for nothing else the laughter was fabulous.

There are a myriad of remedies for mouth ulcers.  I have a little blister on the tip of my tongue so I thought I would check out remedies.  So far salt water is working for me.  I do like the Lance Armstrong cancer site - lots of practical tips to help you through the process of chemo.

So, onwards to Chemo 3.  A whole new adventure.



  • Michelle_RMichelle_R Gold Coast QldMember Posts: 900
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    So glad to hear you have bounced back -  all the best for Round 3 tomorrow!

     Tomorrow is my 3rd chemo day, so blood taken this morning. However, the girls are taking me out for lunch and the laughter will be a tonic.

    Shall now go to Headcovers.com and the Lance Armstrong site and check them out.  Your tips are always great - keep them coming.

    I find that playing yoga relaxation cd's through headphones at night helps with the dexamethasone insomnia - they can talk you into a coma in 10 minutes.

    Stay well and take care,

    Michelle xx

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