"Breast Cancer, taking control" by professor John boyages

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I highly recommend this book to everyone touched by breast cancer.
Even as a health professional I found it so helpful and informative and empowering! Not only for us who have been diagnosed but for those around us to help them understand.
Dan xx


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    Hi Dan, I agree, this book is fantastic. This was released about a month before I was diagnosed. I too am a nurse, and I found it so informative, and it is written in easy to understand terms, and uses analogies that makes a lot of sense when trying to understand all about the different types and stages of breast cancer. I have recommended this book to many people in the past. Good luck. Love Chris xx
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    Good recommendation, Dan.  We actually sell that one through our online store, with a small discount off RRP: http://www.bcna.org.au/store/products/breast-cancer-taking-control.

    You're most welcome to share the link with other BCNA members.


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    Hi Dan,

    My sister gave me that book last year for my birthday. It is a good reference for early breast cancer, but unfortunately does not help me now with the secondary advanced breast cancer.

    Perhaps there will be another coming out soon. I know he was planning to write another book on Life after Breast Cancer. Perhaps there should be one on Advanced Breast Cancer, for those of us who are taking the journey that bit further!

    Hope you are recovering well.

    Cheers Sonia