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I'm new to this forum (so please be patient).

 It has been 7 months since I completed all my treatment for Breast Cancer, which consisted of Chemo and radiation. I am now on tamoxifen. This was my second time round , 1st occured 13 years ago when I was 30 yrs old.

After  I completed my radiation I had a very bad sinus infection and then throat infection which lasted for 6 weeks with countless scripts of antibiotics. Since that time I have had a recurring tightness in my throat and chest that seems to present itself when I am tired.My throat doesn't feel sore as such more hoarse , as though I have been screaming for hours and  I also become very fatigued.

I know that everyone is different and has different reactions but I was wondering if anyone else had experienced cold/flu like symptoms on an ongoing basis after their treatment.

Would love to hear of any similar stories or advice.




  • sillysam83sillysam83 West Gippsland Member Posts: 378
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    Welcome to the forum. Very handy place to be. 

    I have not completed all my treatment yet, so cant help you out this time. 2nd time around for me too... But I just wanted to say Welcome. There is a group for young women on this site.  http://www.bcna.org.au/group/5157 

  • HuddleHuddle Member Posts: 5
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    Thanks for the welcome!

    Hope your treatment isn't to rough and would love to hear how you go after it's over. Thansk for the link, will definetly have a look.

    Best wishes.

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