Important update! Please read.

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Hi all,

We're about to deploy some new code to the site, so wanted to let you know in advance that you will  notice some substantial changes.

Important: please read the section on changes to privacy settings and subscriptions below.

The first thing you'll notice is we will have our new homepage.   Right now we haven't put all the content in so give us a few hours to put the pictures and text in, but it's really very pretty! :)

As a result, the network page will no longer be the first thing you see when you load the site (there's a link up the very top of the page you can use to get to the network page).

Report this function
The 'report as inappropriate' function has been implemented.  This will place a clickable link on every post and comment in the entire network so anything that doesn't meet our Terms of Use can be reported.  Please note, this should not be used for anything other than reporting content that doesn't meet the Terms of Use (not for things we 'don't like').

Change to privacy settings
We've changed the wording on the Privacy Settings to "Public", "Hidden", and "Contacts only" (rather than private) to make it clearer what each setting means.  Please double-check you have all your settings the way you want them to be.

Manage subscriptions
You'll now be able to manage your subscriptions to our publications from inside your profile (there's some check-boxes down the bottom). Because this is synchronised with our database (information moves both ways), you don't need to complete these fields if you are already subscribed. You should make sure that you check your privacy settings on all fields and set them to 'hidden' for information you don't want others to see. New members from now, will have all fields set to 'hidden' as default to make this easier.  You can still leave settings as public if you want to be found in search results for those fields.

That's it, and a lot of news!  We'll also send this message out by email to you, to make sure everyone receives it.

Only one more day until we start the switch over from the old site to the new one ready for Field of Women LIVE!

As always, if anything is unclear, or you need a hand with something, just let us know here or in the Getting Started Group.