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aashyaashy Member Posts: 1
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well this this my first BCNA blog and Im sure that it wont be the last. Im looking forward to getting started and finding my way around the site. wish me luck..


  • ShirlOShirlO Member Posts: 395
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    Hi there aashy, wlecome to the family.... and that's what we are - your new extended family.

    Whatever your circumstances and whatever your needs are, there are plenty of us here to help - whether you want to laugh, cry, throw a tantrum or just have a talk.  The only thing we can't do is serve coffee and cake but I'm sure the BCNA girls are working on it as we speak

    Cheers .... Shirl

  • moira1moira1 Member Posts: 476
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    Welcome to our club aashy,

    And YEP the first of many blogs we hope, there is a great bunch of women here, from all areas, who have made the journey, and some who are travelling it as we speak, this is a great support network, so feel free to let us know a bit about yourself, and ask any questions,  Regards Moira

  • rhonda lockrhonda lock Member Posts: 1
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    hi aashy, this is my first blog too. Just wondering if u have recently been diagnosed?

  • ShirlOShirlO Member Posts: 395
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    Hi there, great to see you here Rhonda.  Wander thru the site, check out the posts and feel free to jump in and introduce yourself.

    We all support each other, your problems become ours and together we'll work it out!!!

    Goodness me, that sounds like and election spiel and I'm not even a politician LoL

    cheers ... Shirl

  • Di FDi F Member Posts: 24
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    Not sure how this all works but here goes. Having recently been diag with breast cancer, i would love to hear from women who have lymph node positive involvement so I can be encouraged that all this chemo will be worth while.

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