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jacmou Member Posts: 4
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Hi, I'm a little nervous about this as it's my first time - where are the kids when you need them?

I'm looking forward to "meeting" some sister survivors after doing a 11 year stretch.

It's such a beautiful sunny spring day that I feel anything's possible. Enjoy!


  • Leonie Moore
    Leonie Moore Member Posts: 1,470
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    Welcome to the site.  Yes it is a bit scary at first.  I found that I was like a little puppy leaving bits of information everywhere. I understand that your diagnosis was 11 years ago.  Congratulations.  My anniversary of 4 years is coming up soon.  I am thankful for every day as with most of us at the beginning we think it is the end of our life.  In reality it is an end to our "old life" and an opening to our "new life". Are you involved with any local support groups in your area?  I am part of the Rockhampton Dragonboat club - a group of cancer survivors and supporters.  We paddle most weekends but the best part is the morning tea afterwards.  We give each other great support and have lots of laughs. I hope you enjoy the site and get out of it what you need.XLeonie

  • ShirlO
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    Hi there Jacqui .... welcome to your new family.  There's a saying you can pick your friends but you're stuck with your family .... so girl you're stuck with us forever.

    I was diagnosed in January of this year and opted for a right side mastectomy and removal of lymph glands rather than a lumpectomy and some of the glands. Being a betting woman I much preferred the odds with the former action and at 62 considered that my breast(s) had done their job, fed two children etc etc.  This was the right decision for me but may not be shared by everyone.

     I am fortunate in as much as everything was contained in the breast  and hadn't travelled anywhere else but another six months it would have been a different story.  I don't need chemo or radiotherapy but am back on "the pill" - Arimidex - for five years.

    This journey of mine has taught me that we are all in control of our own destiny and life is what you make it.  I have gone back to doing everything as before but with more purpose ... I do Tai Chi and will soon be training to become a teacher, have completed a Community Exercise Leader training course  so enable me to work with the elderly, participate in warm water exercise programs and have re-involved myself with my community service groups.

    Now through BCNA I am in Community Liaison with the aim of providing support for women in rural areas.

    You've probably realised by now that I write the way I speak .... full speed .... but I am also a good listener as we all are ..... so come and chat whenever you feel the urge, or just to pass the time.

    Cheers .... Shirl xx

  • jacmou
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    Hi Leonie,

    Glad someone else has found blogging a bit scary - I use computers at work but have always found I didn't have time to sit & chat but here I am.

    I also have a confession to make - ol' chemo brain here (it nevers really improves) was lying in bed musing & realised it's 13 years since my diagnosis not 11. Where did that time go? I must admit that I don't think about the Big C too much now days so that's probably a blessing.That's not to say I don't mind talking to anyone who's been there - more than happy to do so & have done it many times. It definitely is a new awakening this new life.

    Congrats on reaching your 4th anniversary - it's not easy is it?

    I was in Rockhampton for the first time in Easter & had a delicious meal at Chutney Mary's - great memories.

    I have been asked to join Dragonsabreast but I'm a terrible wuss in water. I have done aquarobics with our Encore group for women with lymphodoema, tai chi, reiki, support group, walking groups, & currently Pilates which I love.

    Looking fwd to keeping in touch, Jacqui x



  • jacmou
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    Thanks for your welcome Moira - seems like everything is all rather new for you too especially being only 2 years down the track. Congratulations & thanks for sharing that with me.

    I think I have selective amnesia sometimes but I still remember having a lumpectomy,then a mastectomy, chemo & radiotherapy concurrently as I had 3 little children & wanted to get it all out of the way quickly. I wasn't able to take Tamoxifen because of my hormone receptors so I felt very vulnerable.

    Now I'm very healthy - rarely get colds, viruses etc so long as I have a nap, good book & little glass of wine & my family around me. Life's good! Can't get better than that!

    Take care & cheers,

    Jacqui X

  • jacmou
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    Hello ShirlO,

    You sound like a girl with a great attitude for a newbie. Sounds like you live at full speed too! How do you manage to fit all that in while you're still dealing with recovery - amazing?

    Fancy being on the "pill" at 62! You must get lots of laughs over that. Laughter is so important.

    Hope you are recovering well with the removal of the lymph glands. I found Tai Chi was excellent for that & even better for me is Pilates to help get that extra stretch & more mobility - I won't be playing netball again tho'.

    My son has to use the computer now so he can skype with his girlfriend in Paris so must make way for young love - it's a precious thing.

    Don't forget to smell the roses,

    Cheers,  Jacqui x

  • mags
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    Hi everyone

    I was 53 when I was diagnosed with BC on 11 August 2008. Had a lumpectomy, no lymph node involvement. Had chemo for 6 months, radiotherapy for 3 weeks and Herceptin for 12 months.  Finished Herceptin in November 2009.

    Still have worries of it coming back.  Hopefully they will fade with time. Can't believe that all that treatment is behind me now.  Seems like a bad dream.


  • moira1
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    hi and welcome Jacqui,

    Well our good wee friend Shirley has said it all, i was diagnosed in July 2008, lumpectomy, 10 Lymph nodes (all clear), then onto chemo, radiotherapy and now on arimidex hormone treatment for 5 years, and going really good, i was also glad when all the treatment was over and thought i was in control, until a few months down the line, landed in a heap, crying etc, so a visit to the doctor had that under control with a light dose of anti depresants, i was convinced i was a strong person and didnt need them, but have since found out that a high perentage of breast cancer patients needed them, and this made me feel much better about it, and now i am so glad i took them, it made all the difference to my recovery. i also was lucky enough to be able to get onto the bcna community liaison course and it was great, as i live in a rural area with no support, so am busy getting out there letting everyone know about it, while running my local business. my motto live for now..... great to see you here feel free to add me to your contacts list and keep in touch.