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Hi my name is tanya. I was diagnosed last wed with invasive globular carcinoma.i have to have a 62 yes ols. A mammogram picked up one lesion then an ultra sound found three first visit with my oncologist is June whole world has been turned on its head.


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    Hi @OTISMYCAT Tanya

    I am so sorry to see you join our select little group and hope you have good family & friends to help support you thru these early stages in particular.  It is a real emotional roller coast ride - with lots of highs & lows xx. If you feel overly anxious, ask your GP if you can see a counsellor, or give our Helpline a bell on 1800 500 258 (Mon-Fri, Office Hours).  Talking to someone about your concerns always helps.

    You might also like to join the Choosing Mastectomy Reconstruction group if you are thinking of having a reconstruction (  or the Flat Chat No Construction group, if you think you'll 'go flat'. xx ( Just click on one or both & hit Join.

    All the best with your visit to your surgeons & Oncs .... see if you can take a trusted friend or family member with you, as both physical & moral support ... and consider recording your meetings on your phone, as it is easy to miss bits, whilst you ponder something that has already been said.  You can go back over it again, later

    Also maybe check out this thread that has a lot of info on the forum & what to take to hospital with you .... and some off topic threads (pets, gardens, art & craft & even a couple of funny threads too - we all need a laugh!).

    Wishing you all the best with your upcoming appointments - throw any questions you may have at us & we'll do our best to give you an honest answer, as we've 'been there, done that'! 

    take care