Today's feelings in poetry

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So lucky, people say.

That they caught it when they did

That it hasn’t spread

That they got it all

That I have insurance

So, so lucky.

That my friend told me about her cancer

That I finally moved my arse and 

Went and had that mammogram

That I live in the lucky country

So lucky 

That my prognosis is good

That my job will be there for me 

That I am surrounded by family and friends

With their love, soup and casseroles.


That my new set are perkier 

Smaller, Scar-rier, numb-ier.

A bit lopsided

Like me.  

Some days though,

I just feel 

A tiny bit



  • Spursy
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    I know what you mean. Days of depression. 
    I see worse off than me so I  have nout to complain about.  
  • Zelda12
    Zelda12 Member Posts: 4
    I think that's it exactly @Spursy - when so many are nowhere near as lucky it's hard to say that on some days it really is still is a bit shit and I'm finding things hard/painful/sore/distressing etc without feeling guilty about others so much worse off.