I will learn the hard way

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What a bugger, though My GP was a bit more colourful when he saw my appointment 
Well when i hurt myself i certainly can do it properly 
i was told by physio 6 months ago not to walk backwards apparently I don’t have eyes in the back of my head. and i forgot now have 2 small fractures in my wrist. The pain meds I have been avoiding using certainly came in handy last night. Though sleep was horrible
I’m banned from driving. At least until Friday next week. And off work as well
Good news as for the mets I got the interpretation of the report today. One of my lesions has actually shrunk and the osteoblastic activity has lessened as well 
i do have a small fracture near my rib lesion but they’re no real worried about that 
DEXA scan is next week. Thats the earliest I could get one. Its just going to confirm what I already knew. But i am hoping I haven’t slipped from osteopenia to osteoporosis 


  • Cath62
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    Hi @cranky_granny, got to watch out for those runaway chairs. What a pain and nuisance for you. Lucky you didn't hurt yourself more. Hopefully you recover quickly and are back on the road soon.

    Great news about your mets report too. That's so positive to hear. I had a pet scan today, so I'm hopeful for my results too. I am going away next week so dont get my results until 20th of month. Fingers crossed on that Dexa scan next week for you. 
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    Goodness!  What a bummer with the chair!
    Best wishes for the DEXA scan

    Take care
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    OMG .... you really need to be CAREFUL, @cranky_granny - we don't 'bounce back' as readily as we did when we were younger!!  ;)   .....  Those runaway chairs can be dangerous, too - tho I let fly with the F word word earlier this week when I tripped over my Music Stand & Uke when at a Nursing Home on the way to playing for the residents ..... luckily - I flung the music stand AND trolley with ukes ahead of me & I managed to stand upright ... but the look on the face of the lady on reception was HILARIOUS!  LOL xx

    Take care, take the pain meds & take it EASY xx.  All the best with your scans xxx
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    Dear @cranky_granny
    Good news  about the Mets 
    bad news about the fractures
    Seems  to be the way with this BC shitfest - ups and downs
    Wishing you a speedy recovery 
    must be the season for scans
    i Had my 3 monthly petscan yesterday and get the results on Valentine’s Day 😊
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    Dear @cranky_granny, sorry to hear about the fractures. Forcing you to rest and take it easy .Thrilled to hear about the Mets. 
    Hope the DEXA scan went well. 😊🤞
  • cranky_granny
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    Hi @nicmaree it is definitely a forced rest. My Dexa scan is Thursday and the re xray of mt wrist is Friday.  I’ve been banned from driving till this wrist is healing. Im not on my Palbociclib at the moment so hopefully healing will be good. Its only a small fracture in 2 spots.  It could have been a lot worse. 
    We are definitely going to have to sort out our meet up. I hope to be allowed to drive sooner rather than later
    hows your rads recovery going 
  • arpie
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    TERRIFIC catching up today, glad to see you looking reasonably 'bright' xx 

    Make sure that chair doesn't do it again!  I had one of those plastic 'runs' for my computer chair on the carpet - but it was just SO dangerous - as the chair skated on it!! - I tossed it!!  xx

    I hope you can get the pain relief you need from the fall, for the wrist AND the back xx. That is ESSENTIAL!

    Ask them about strong CBD oil??   It is LEGAL NOW and shouldn't interact with your other pain meds!!  REMIND THEM! xx.   

    Just take care & take care, that there are no more falls xx.

    Looking forward to catching up next time you head north xx  
  • cranky_granny
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    Out of the back slab and into a cast for 6 long weeks. Grrr 
  • arpie
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    That looks better than the first cast!!  xx. I hope it isn't too hot for you xx
  • nicmaree
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    Hi @cranky_granny, Oh no! 6 weeks is a long time! Do have help at home? 
  • cranky_granny
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    @nicmaree i do have help at home. I live with one of my daughters. And her boys. The 8 year old likes to help me up off the lounge or if im dumb enough to get on the floor he tries to get me up. Its so sweet. 
    The 13 year old occasionally helps. If you can get him off the technology.