Waiting for Byopsie

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Hi all.
I'm new here I have just had a 95% positive mamagram and ultra sound my byopsi  to confirm everything is on Tuesdays.  They say my lump is small and it hasn't spread to any were ells yet so that's good
At the moment I'm more afraid of the treatment then the cancer I'm a mother of two under 5 and don't know how I will go mothering them and having chemo at the same time if I need it. Some light on the subject would be nice from others in the same boat as I
 Cheers and God bless. 


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    Dear @riss81,

    for your biopsy results and everything
    from jennyss in Western NSW
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    Hi @rizz81, sorry about the stress you are going through now. It's horrible dealing with the uncertainty of not knowing what's ahead. Big breaths and keep busy. The biopsy will determine what type of cells they are and then help to inform your treatment. Not everyone has chemo. It just really depends on your pathology. Treatment is unique for everyone. And when you get that treatment plan it feels a bit better because you know what will be done to get rid if that lump. Look after yourself and if you want to you can let us know how you got on. I hope your results are provided quickly. Best wishes 
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    A link from the very informative BCNA website

    As Cath said above pathology as a result of biopsy gives your medical team a diagnosis to determine the best treatment 

    Not everyone has chemo and/or radiotherapy. 

    There are many types of Breast Cancer that also determine treatment path


    Best wishes