hormone blockers and plantar fasciitis

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Hi Everyone,
I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in Oct 2020 and have been on Letrozole ever since.  About 6 months ago I developed plantar fasciitis and my holistic Dr told me that it was unlikely to get better due to the hormone blockers.  Has anyone in my position healed from a soft tissue injury like plantar fasciitis and if so what did you do?


  • mars
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    Hi there! I feel your pain. I have had planter fasciitis a couple of times in the past and been reduced to a hobble with the pain. Both times it was fixed by podiatrists. I’d recommend consulting one they really are the experts here. 
  • brightspace
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    Hi Cee bee
    For me AI Leterzole for two years on the drug was the cause of fascistis when I changed meds after  I have not has this side effect since
    Speak to Specialist about review of Leterzole
    All the best 
  • Locksley
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    I had plantar faciatis many many years ago.  Saw podiatrist who helped with exercises and acupuncture.  Was on letrozeole for a couple of years and it came back.  Have changed drugs and pain has reduced.