In search of Vietnamese support Groups

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Hi, I have joined this support group for my mother, who does not speak English and who is an amazing strong women who cares for my disabled father. She will be having a mastectomy in the next few weeks and I think it would greatly benefit her mental health to be able to connect with others.


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    Wishing your Mum all the best for her surgery @annak xx  The Hospital she will be attending should have a social worker who may have some info - I've just googled it & there are some groups out there but not sure if they would be 'close' to your Mum. ...  There are a couple of groups that support carers too, which your Mum is, looking after your Dad....

    Does your Mum attend a local church? Often the women there are terrific at helping/supporting people in need ...

    take care & all the best xx

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    Thank you so much @arpie. I will definitely look into her local church. 
    Also, thank you for the well wishes! She will appreciate it