Bra and prosthesis after unilateral mastectomy

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Hi everyone. I am looking for bra and prosthesis which and comfortable and not heavy. I recently had unilateral mastectomy so I need prosthesis to balance with my other breast. It's the first time I a. Going to buy the post surgery bra and prosthesis so I am not sure where to start from. I am based in Melbourne. Any suggestions which one is good and from where to get that.




  • Afraser
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    I have gone to Breast Care Victoria, in Port Melbourne, which I found very good.

    But Myer in the city has also
    been good too, with a wide range of bras. 

    Both can fit for swim wear and swim prostheses too! 

    Best wishes. 
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    I was given my first bra in hospital, with a dacron encased filling.
    If you have that or are month or 2 on, you may be looking for the next bra.
    There is Medicare funding for this.
    If you go to a reputable bra seller, they could assist you.
    Make a few calls. Try Myer. I'm in SA, sorry.
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    Dear @Aami
    have you been told about the BCNA My care kit? If you don’t know about this it might be helpful?
    @Mez_BCNA can you assist 
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    Hi @Aami, I have sent you a message which I hope will assist