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I thought after my hectic show days that I would have a rest day .... after all the cricketers do!!!!

The 2010 NSW Women's Gathering is happening here in Wentworth at the end of October so I contacted the secretary of the local committee with a view to becoming involved in some way.

I am going to their meeting next week with a view to holding the mini Field of Women on the final day of the gathering Sunday 31/9 after their lunch..  Being a newcomer I don't want them to feel I am trying to hijack their event but think there would be benefits to everyone to hold it then (there will be about 300 extra people in town, the majority of whom will be women)

I have contacted the Mayor about turning Wentworth pink for October - I have a meeting with her next week as well.... so it will be a busy one as I also have an RSL Ladies afternoon to organise.

Several local businesses have already agreed to decorate their shop windows and to have merchandise sales points inside... so that's something else I have to find out about.

Had to go to my Dr today so took an information "show bag" for her as well dropping one off to the rooms of a local Remedial Masseur.

Maybe a rest day tomorrow, after I've sold raffle tickets, been to hairdresser and convinced more business to "go pink"

Cheers ... Shirl


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    Go Shirl your a legend, well done

  • Leonie Moore
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    You are a legend Shirl, but don't forget the rest day.XLeonie  PS I am starting to feel much better so I will have to try and catch up to your efforts.

  • ShirlO
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    Having a rest day today girls ..... got my RSL Womens Auxiliary  hat on ... selling raffle tickets and helping to organise our "At Home" next week, our major fundraiser for the year.

    Off to see my "stylist" now ......

    Take care Leonie .... don't try to do too much too soon

    Cheers .... Shirl xx