Dietitian who specialises in breast cancer

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Was wondering if anyone can please recommend a dietitian who specialises in breast cancer. 


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    Hi @Poek78, I'm sure someone will be able to reach out with their recommendations soon. In the meantime I thought it may useful to share our website page on the topic You can also search for accredited practicing dietitians here Dietitians Australia's website 
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    I would be interested to find a good dietitian whose area of expertise is BC too! Fingers crossed 🤞 @Poek78 that we get some recommendations :wink:
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    I was offered a dietician within the hospital. I didn’t take them up on it but maybe you could ask someone in your medical team whether they have that option? I was a public patient.
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    Hi @Poek78
    I am in Sydney bit Melbourne but I was recommended to a dietician by my breast care nurse.
    I beli be most if the major cancer centres would have a dietician on staff or else a list of consultants.
    I reckon I could almost be one.
    I lost the 10 kilos I had put in over 30 years.
    I basically worked out how many kilojoules I should have each day to lose weight ( and later on maintain that weight).
    Then I make a meal plan with meals containing essential food groups ( fruit, vegetables, protein, dairy, nuts, oils etc) and cut out food and drinks with “ empty” kilojoules like soft drinks, alcohol, processed and “ junk” foods.
    After I lost the 10 kilos I added the occasional treat like wine a couple of nights a week and the occasional sweet.
    I know many people swear by various “ miracle” diets to stave off cancer / recurrence but it’s really more basic than that in my view.
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    Hi @Poek78
    In case you are still interested, I met my medical oncologist today and he recommended Alex, her website: www.feel better They specialise in helping women with BC and diet.