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Accessing Fulvestrant in UK

TrenzaloreACT Member Posts: 14
Hello, has anyone accessed Fulvestrant whilst travelling in the Uk? If so, how did you arrange it.  I have a letter from my Oncologist outlining my current status and treatment plan.  I’m in Spain at the moment and it was very easy to access here via a private clinic and payment up front.  It’s proving to be a little more complicated in the UK.  None of the clinics I’ve contacted have responded as yet and I’m becoming quite stressed, so any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.


  • gumnut
    gumnut Member Posts: 984
    Sorry I haven't had to travel o/s but I wish you all the very best @TrenzaloreACT . You would hope that, as the British medical system is similar to ours that it would be possible? You would think a major hospital in any of the bigger cities or a cancer clinic may be able to help. Best wishes x
  • cranky_granny
    cranky_granny Member Posts: 579
    Hi @TrenzaloreACT. Have you tried googling Breast Cancer in UK and contacting them they could quite possibly help. 
  • TrenzaloreACT
    TrenzaloreACT Member Posts: 14
    Hi @ cranky_granny after much running around via many emails and telephone calls I did eventually find a doc at the Nuffield Health Cancer Centre in London who is willing to do it, although they’re insisting on a full range of very expensive blood work plus a specialist consultation fee plus a fee for the actual injections on top of the cost of buying the Fulvestrant.  I don’t mean to sound ungrateful and I’m very relieved someone will do it, but gee, I have a very detailed letter from my Oncologist outlining my history and current status and respectfully requesting that all I need are the injections.  Anyway, I need the injections so I’ll just have to pay for the rest of it.  It would be cheaper to fly back to Spain and have the darn thing, but I don’t want the bother of airports etc.