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I’m having a double mastectomy in 2 weeks I live 4 hrs from the hospital so was wondering what other Ladies did as far as day wear. Did you just stay in pyjamas or get dressed each day. I will be there for about 5/7 days. Any tips as what to take or not take would b appreciated. I am going to Epworth freemasons in east Melbourne. 


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    So sorry to see you here, @Cutter - but you are in the right place for any questions & hopefully we'll be able to help you with answers xx

    Have you had a family member or trusted friend sitting with you at your appointments?  It is a good idea, to have an extra set of ears as it is easy to 'miss bits' at the time - so I recorded mine as well, on my phone. ;) 

    A front opening set of PJs would be No 1 on the list ... for ease of access to the nurses/Dr after the surgery & ease of getting in & out of too, for showers etc.    Check out this post - there is a lot of info (what else to take to hospital with you as well) and other bits on the 'blog' that you may like to check out further along the line.  I was only in overnight, so didn't have to worry about clothes too much.

    If you add your 'general area' in your profile - members may be aware of services that may be available to you there?   

    As you are regional, you could join the Private 'rural & regional' group - are you aware that you can claim petrol & some accommodation costs relating to you travelling to the hospital & appointments afterwards?   Just click on the 'groups' (in the middle of the blue banner at the top) and choose Living in Regional, Rural and Remote Areas, then click to join.

    Are you thinking of reconstruction as well, or not?  There is a reconstruction group & a "Flat Chat'' group as well you could join & ask any questions in total privacy xx

    Maybe start freezing some cooked meals in the meantime, for when you are at home again?  Accept ANY help that is offered, specially after your surgery as you may not be able to do any lifting, gardening, washing for a little while as you heal xx

    take care and all the best  xx
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    I only had an initial Mastectomy with axillary clearance. Later I've had Breast Reconstruction with prophylactic Mastectomy to other side at the same time of surgery. PJ's with opening front were ideal. Probably short sleeves, as you will have an IV for a day or two.
    I don't believe you have filled in your profile. Is your DMX for prophylactic reasons, possibly with immediate implants? Or is there a plan for Chemo and R/T?  The advice may be slightly different. Have you been told how many wound drains to expect? I'm guessing 2 each side. The drains can be a little challenging, when moving around. Sometimes hospitals provide a bag to put them in, or a pillowcase will do. You could take a bag with a handle, big enough to fit equal to 4 large cans of food. I haven't found my breast surgeries too painful. Usually they suggest regular Paracetamol, with stronger tablets on top as needed. Don't let the pain get on top, ask when you start to need it. Make sure your Nurse Call Bell is always within reach.
    I took a hand held fan, as I get hot too easily. 
    Do any exercises that are recommended for you, so that you can maintain a good range of movement. 
    Will you be expected to stay in/near Melbourne for a week or two after?
    As Arpie says, accept offers for help, get on top of basic housework, preprepare some freezer meals, or buy.
    Do you have friends and family that you are comfortable to talk to about your surgery?
    Ask anything else.
    Wishing you all the best with your surgery and recovery.

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    Thank you for the information. I’m new to this so still learning. I’m not having reconstruction. Thanks heaps 😀
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    Hi @Cutter
    I had two separate surgeries - first was single mastectomy then second was prophylactic mastectomy of the non cancer breast and double DIEP flap reconstruction.
    The first time I took pyjamas to hospital ( loose fitting pants and button up the front tops ) plus an outfit to return home in ( loose fitting pants and button up the front shirt ).
    Second time I just wore  the hospital gown in hospital and saved the pyjamas until I got home.
    I think my hubby was getting a bit worried about how much I wore the pyjamas when I got home 😊
    I recall answering the door to a courier and it was afternoon and I said “ I’m just home from having major surgery in hospital “ when it was a week later !
    My point being , it’s a big surgery and if you feel like  spending the day in your pjs during that initial recovery period , so what?
    You do need to take it slowly and be kind yo yourself.
    Take care🌺
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    Hi @Cutter, sorry to hear you’ve had to join the bc club.You may want to join our new group here called ‘Flat Chat’. The ladies have given you great tips. I will add: slip on shoes cos you can’t bend down to lace up etc
    Ask the breast care nurse beforehand if she’ll supply you with drain bags and soft moon cushions to go under your arms. You may need these for the car ride home- going over pot holes will hurt! I wore singlets and button down front shirts for the first few weeks.I had a prophylactic mastectomy last year as I was fed up being lopsided for 12yrs. I’m now flat and navigating my way through crop tops. My best wishes to you- big hug xx
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    I was at Epworth Freemasons end Feb for lumpectomy, but only stayed in 1 night. I was provided with the moon cushion as @TonyaM described above from Zonta. And I know Zonta also provide bags for the drains - however I didn't need them. Open front PJ are definitely good. If you want something more in the realm of loungwear you can always try Boody - their products are soft, but maybe a little pricey for some. But look less like daggy pj and more like something you can even wear home from the hospital. Best of luck for your op.
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    Thank you much appreciated, I have new button front pj,s so will take those.