Autologous fat grafting months after implant placement

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Hi everyone. I am just wanting some advice on the autologous fat grafting procedure and its success.
It has been 10 months since my implant has been placed in my left breast after having a tissue expander after a mastectomy. I had high-grade DCIS but fortunately I did not need chemo or radiation. Post mastectomy surgery I had problems with my left arm, but exercises and physio sessions are helping with that.
The side near the implant is flatter and numb. The tightness I feel when raising my arm is uncomfortable. I do massage this area, the scar tissue is broken up but the feeling remains. I am hoping this area will soften over time.
My plastic surgeon suggests to have fat grating to fill out the side, saying I might need up to 2-3 procedures. Don't really want to go through surgery again and certainly not that many times!
I know that fat grafting will improve the look of the breast, filling it out, but I want to know if it will actually help with this tightness. I am not fussed with the look, it's just the uncomfortable tightness. Depending on what I had done physically during the day also affects the feeling at the side of the implant.
Does anyone have any advice whether the grafting will help or has had this autologous fat grafting done and can tell me about their experience? Thanks.


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    Hi @KayeMarie24, I had fat grafting 2 months ago, over seven years after my lumpectomy.  I have some radiation fibrosis to my beast and pectoral muscle, and it's made no difference to that for me. I suspect for the tightness you would get the best response by seeing a physiotherapist, preferably one who specialises in care of cancer patients, or an oncology massage therapist.  I keep the worst of my tightness away with regular exercises and massage
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    I'll be following any answers. I've had a Lat Dorsi and a prophylactic to the other side.
    Fat grafting has been suggested for touch ups. I'll probably go ahead.
    But first I'm having Knee replacements. One done 4 days ago.
    I don't have any tightness that you have. My Lat Dorsi side is firmer, but that is mostly due to the muscle from my back, to under my arm, to the front and over my implant.
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    Thanks Irb_03 for your comments and suggestions. I have had physio for my arm as it did not have a full range of movement since the mastectomy and have deep tissue massage in some sessions. I will try your suggestion and get an oncology massage therapist to help.
    I see my plastic surgeon end of March to further discuss the fat grafting.
    Thanks you for your help.
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    Hi Abbydog! I hope that you are going okay with the knee replacements (did you have both done? Wow!)
    I don't have to make up my mind about fat grafting for awhile and maybe this tightness is something I have to get used to but will try specific massage and see if that helps.
    Good luck with everything!
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    Dear KayeMarie24, I’ve only had the one knee done almost 3 weeks ago. I plan for the other one in July. 
    Touch wood it hasn’t been as bad as I expected so far.