lyph nodes

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why does the removal of one lymp gland hurt more than the lymphectomy????


  • arpie
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    Welcome to the forum - sorry to see you join our 'exclusive club' - the club no-one ever thought they'd have to join xx

    Feel free to tell us about your story so far.  How long ago was your surgery & what was done?

    It is weird, isn't it, @KGEB. I think it is to do with the nerve endings around the lymph nodes ..... there is a weird numbness too, which can take years to 'fix', if ever.    There can be a burning pain as well as an ache.

    Do you have a breast care nurse?  Some gentle massage of the area may help relieve some of the pain - watch out for any swelling & tell your breast care nurse or your surgeon's office if that happens.

    take care & all the best with your recovery

  • Afraser
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    When I had an odd lump
    biopsied, it really hurt, which I wasn’t expecting. My surgeon said, ‘Good!’. Turns out most cancers don’t register pain, they cause pain by the pressure they put on surrounding tissue. Lymph nodes are also small so some damage to nerve endings around them is pretty inevitable if they are to be removed.As @arpie says, loss of feeling can last a while. My painful biopsy turned out to be an entirely benign, unrelated lump, so I didn’t really mind that it hurt at the time!