AirXpanders in lieu of saline

sandramj Member Posts: 253
Hi ladies,  I started an online and face to face support group in 2019 after my journey with IDC Stage 2 in 2017.  I had a lumpectomy and found one node with caner and another with changing cells.  I had radiation x 30, no chemo due to heart lung problems and been on hormone blockers for 5.5 years,  For the ladies in our group UI wanted to ask who had used the AirXpanders and what their findings were.  It sounds a godsend to me - Doing your own at home and not having to traipse to hospital every week to have filled - waiting for hours and doctors and nurses time.  Surely these are the way of the future ??  And surely the remotes could be used again by sanitary recycling.  Can you please let me know the cost, the time involved, the success or not.  By the way her is the public page for our group - you like this page and ask to join the PRIVATE GROUP and you mush answer the 3 questions.  If questions don't prompt please email us on womenscancersupport@****. We are now a fully accredited support group by Cancer Council Qld & Nsw and on their database for women phoning in for support. We have 600 women in our group and have regular coffee, meetups, lunches, educational events, art, craft and have smaller group chats in each post code of the GC and have smaller groups of the other types of cancer also - eg brain, bowel, lung etc as a woman who was BRCA1 had a hysterectomy and then when she had her mastectomy she was introduced to us by another member who suggested she should able to join as she had to "have her boobs off too".  So we decided to open up the group to ALL cancer in women.  If you live on the Gold Coast we'd love you to join our tribe.