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Hi everyone
This is a message of hope for those newly diagnosed or going through treatment.
At 37 I was diagnosed with Triple negative breast cancer - stage 2 and also Brca +.
is now 5 + years and I'm completely fine ! There is no sign of any cancer and I have been told that the risk of anything happening now is very low. 
I just want to give hope to people - it's such a scary time and I wish someone could have held my hand and told be all would be ok.

Also there was positives out of the experience. It's made we rethink what I want, how I treat people, how I want to spend my life. 

To make the story even more crazy I have actually decided to do a complete career change and have quit my pharma job and have launched my own Australia craft gin distillery! 

Take one day at a time, breathe, look after yourself and your mental health. There is good stories out there - they are not all bad.



  • Jen79x
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    I should say my treatment plan - Red Devil AC, taxol carboplatin, then 12 weeks radiation, double mastectomy and diep reconstruction, then xeloda 6months then hysterectomy due to brca +
    Xx Jen 
  • Cath62
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    Well done to you @Jen79x.  Keep well. 
  • arpie
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    That is AWESOME @Jen79x - and well done on making changes in your career path!! 

    DO tell us more about your gin venture!!!  That sounds great fun!  ;)

    take care

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    Awesome and very encouraging! Your craft gin distillery sounds very exciting. On a much smaller scale, and in a different line of alcohol: I brew my own beer at home. I've just bottled 23 litres of draught type beer this afternoon. 

  • Jen79x
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    Well I definitely didn't expect to be writing about the Gin on here but I guess it is a happy topic !

    The distillery is called Lily Fields Distilling Co - 

    I actually LOVE the industry, I love the job and how I can be creative but use by science background. 

    The business is almost like a celebration of getting though cancer.

    thank you @arpie and I hope you are going ok in your journey Xx

    @jennyss 23L beer is a great start ! Well done ! A great hobbie for a distraction too Xx
  • iserbrown
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    Woo hoo @Jen79x

    Your story will certainly provide hope for those starting out!

    Congratulations on changing career

    Best wishes 
    Take care 
  • Julez1958
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    Hi @Jen79x
    It’s great to hear positive stories such as yours and congratulations on your new venture.
    Many BC survivors have found that the diagnosis leads to re calibration of various aspects of their life.
    Take care 🌺

  • FLClover
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    Fantastic news @Jen79x ☺️. I love the career change. I’m looking for my own career change 😁. 
    Kept up the good work and positivity 🥰
  • arpie
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    Thanks so much for that, @Jen79x, I'll check it out - they are doing so many different flavoured Gins now too .... it is so exciting.  The original flavour always reminded me of the perfume 4711!! LOL

    I used to make Fruit Wine when I lived in NZ - it was seriously powerful stuff ..... yet never gave me a hangover!!  I used to make it from Tangelos and Feijoas!  Really Yummy!  I left all my brewing equipment over there when I left!

    Well done @jennyss - making a nice beer is a real gift!!  I've tried some pretty ordinary ones from my mates ...... 

    Maybe we need a 'brewing group'??  I know of at least one other member who is starting out distilling as well ....... and I bet there are more!!  ;)