Where to find support?

I was recently diagnosed with grade 3 comedo necrosis DCIS 11mm in my Rt breast.
I had a failed lumpectomy on the 2nd August (the hook wire went into my muscle), and I'm going for a re-do this Friday.
My problem is that I have no support person to attend appointments with me or help me out in general while recovering. I live alone, have no family nearby, and my friends are work colleagues who have their own lives. I have never needed assistance for anything, and I'm very independant. This diagnosis has me feeling very isolated!
Where do people find their support?


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    Perhaps you can add your general location to your profile and that would assist us in pointing you to the closest services.
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    Have you asked to be referred to a Breast Care Nurse? That may be very helpful, your oncology team or GP may be able to advise. 
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    Hi @Kallen

    I note that you are from Ballarat

    the link here may help you find something local, it's from the BCNA website - otherwise as @fraser stated above your medical team maybe able to assist in pointing you in the right direction

    Best wishes with your upcoming surgery

    Find services and support in your area (bcna.org.au)
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    Hi @Kallen, I can see you have already been provided some great resources and recommendations. I wanted to add some additional information that may assist also. 

    BCNA recently held a forum in your area which you are welcome to watch via the link https://www.bcna.org.au/news-events/events/information-forums/ballarat-information-forum-and-breakfast/ 

    McGrath breast care nurse Joylene Fletcher presented at the forum and she is from Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Centre (BRICC). Joylene's contact details can be found on the McGrath (provided below). She will be able to discuss appropriate supports for you.

    Joylene Fletcher
    Mobile Number
    0401 242 407
    Phone Number
    03 5320 4389

    A few other services mentioned in the forum are:

    * Why Wait for Wellness (promoting wellness during and after treatment with healthy eating & nutrition) https://www.bhs.org.au/services-and-clinics/why-wait-for-wellness/

    * Local support group, Ballarat Pink Phoenix https://www.ballaratpinkphoenix.org.au

    You may also like to touch base with Cancer Council Vic 13 11 20 to discuss support available to you. 
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    It’s probably been suggested but McGrath foundation has Brest care support nurses who can attend appointments, and other options have been suggested. The McGrath nurse has been a great help and guide for my mum, and might be able to link you in with local supports (in person). Also depending on your age I was able to get mum linked in with my aged care and once approved for a package wait list I was able to set her up with interim supports through a sister/transition funding so she has regular services now. Just a couple of ideas. Hth 🌺
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    Thank you everyone for your helpful comments <3