Round 2 ??

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Well, here we are again, and so bloody soon, who’d have thought it . In 2020 was diagnosed, had treatment, then started tamoxifen… well they can bash that crap up their jacksy… 2 years of side effects and cancers back anyways… all those joint aches, anxiety, insomnia , and let’s not forget the healthy eating, giving up smoking, making better lifestyle choices, less drinking… oh my goodness gracious..  missed 2 years of partying hard all for nothing, am sooooo not impressed. Jack Daniels distillery rang me, where are you they said, we miss your financial contribution to our alcohol sales… getting healthy after breast cancer I told them 🤣🤣, trying to do all I can so the bastard disease doesn’t come back… huh… maybe if I’d have stayed drinking I’d have killed those mongrel cancer cells instead cause in 2 years had 3 melanomas, 1 full face skin cancer pd treatment and now going in for the other boob. Fair diddly dinkum sometimes life is just not playing the game how I’d like… can I roll the dice again, can I play a different game .. 😝.. 
terror, fear, anger. … I didn’t buy a ticket to get on this roller coaster again, someone dismantle the bloody track … 


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    Oh @Chevvy, that just sucks! I can think of a few orher choice words too. I would be pissed off too. Do you know the pathology yet or next steps?

    Bloody hell I was diagnosed in 2020 too, surgery, chemo, radium and tamoxifen. That tamoxifen didn't agree with me. Just started Letrozole and 4 days in feel side effects but to find out that have bc in the other boob would just do my head in. In that last 2 yrs I too had a melanoma. It's my 4th not too mention 40 odd biopsies for abnormal moles. I feel someone could play snakes and ladders on my body with my scars.

    I think you are brave just writing about it. How can well all support you? Definitely here to listen and help in anyway we can. Sending positive vibes to you.
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    OMG, @Chevvy - as Cath says - that REALLY SUCKS.  I am so sorry to hear of the kids' dad's situation too - I know exactly how hard that is  xx

    Lots of BIG HUGS coming your way xx   I invested in plenty of Bundy Rum over the last 8 weeks ..... so totally understand you renewing your friendship with Jack Daniels! xx.  

    You are one super strong, tough lady - to be so concerned for everyone else ahead of yourself, whilst you've just received this recurrence news - so you are allowed to have as many sooky moments as you need.)  xx  But please, make sure that you chat with the team here or a psychologist to help you with appropriate coping mechanisms to help you thru all this xx.  Your work is obviously very stressful too - but right now - you need to look after YOU first, so that you can then get back to help them, later on. xx

    Enjoy the Big hugs coming from hubby tomorrow too (and the rest of the family as they learn the news too) xx

    take care and all the best xx
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    Bugger bugger bugger!
    life is a bitch that’s for sure.
    please accept my virtual hugs  and best wishes that you will get through this.
    Take care🌺

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    I've done the whole shitfull business twice. It doesn't get any easier.
    Well, maybe that's not quite true. You know the ropes and have a handle on the language. That should make things less stressful. Except it doesn't.
    Hang in there. Drink the JD. Give yourself a break. Everyone you are supporting will be left hanging if this pulls you down, so they can do without you every once in a while if you need time for yourself.
    It's all so fucking disappointing. Mxx
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    @Chevvy I am so sorry to hear this.  I was also diagnosed in 2020 so for this beast to come back so soon really is the shits as we have gone through so much to get to 2022!.   I am sending you positive vibes to get through this again.   Definitely have a Jack Daniels if you want one.   I still have a drink from time to time.   It helps with all the aches and pains.  
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    Hi @Chevvy,

    So sorry to hear. I was diagnosed in 2020 also. This is a shit of a disease and has no rhyme or reason. At least you know what to expect. Hoping for you it is small and they can chop the bastard out. Hugs x
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    Good you had a better day @Chevvy. That's how this rolls doesn't it. 

    You asked about my melanoma. I have not found anymore yet. I get checked every 6 months. The last Melanoma was on my shoulder. When they cut it out they didn't get a big enough margin so I had to go under the knife again. That was in January this yr. The last skin check was ok. Back to see the skin guy in November. 

    I hope today is a good day for you. Sending love and a big hug. 
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    @Chevvy. Sending you big hugs. My first diagnosis was 2018 and it came back again this year in lymph nodes and bones. Just finished taxol and now on a targetted therapy regime for life. At least I now am being closely monitored. That second diagnosis was a shock so I definitely know the feeling. I had a BC nurse ring me to say how bad it looked and then refused to let me know the results. I kinda lost it at that and sacked her from my team. Wishing you all the best and remember to think about you.
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    Sending big hugs to all in Round2??, to say I wasn’t impressed to join this team last October is also an understatement. Diagnosed in 2008 mastectomy, reconstruction & 5 years Tamoxifen. Same breast this time, with some skill from the surgeon the reconstruction remains almost intact.
  • Chevvy
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    Bloody hell… that is not good to hear, that’s shit sucky for you after going through all that … I hope your doing ok now and on the journey to recovery.. can I ask , being that they’re telling me I need a masectomy… where and how does the bc come back if you have your boob off… not that I have much choice I’m told but it certainly doesn’t give me confidence it’s worth loosing it… 
  • Blossom1961
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    Mine came back in the lymph nodes in the chest wall.
  • Chevvy
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    Well buggar… what pray tell is the point of masectomy if it can still come back… cancer is so shit 
  • Afraser
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    Fewer places to come back to. Absolute guarantees are hard to come by and bad luck can strike anywhere but after a mastectomy, so far (10 years) so good. Without the mastectomy I might not have had ten years. We’d all like a better deal - cured for life would be excellent, but we’re not there yet. But my trade was worth it for me. It’s still a really personal decision.