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Waiting…so many seem to mention this, tips etc?

GenKGenK Sydney Member Posts: 28
So many discussing the challenges and anxiety of waiting, whether the individual or carers, whether for results or surgery or treatment plan or treatment start or whether treatment has works. I’m trying to distract, and whilst productive trying to get things in place it’s been exhausting this last fortnight getting mum’s news and waiting for the surgery this week.
 I’m taking time with my fur family and distracting with unrelated things like music, fiction books, films/tv, between tag teaming to support and prep what we can for mum with her best friend (there’s no other family).  Any other tips we can all share? 


  • Cath62Cath62 Brisbane Member Posts: 819
    Hi @GenK, gentle walks are great as you get fresh air and exercise. Good for the body and the mind. Cook a couple of meals and freeze them.  Good you take time for yourself too. 
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