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May Content Round-Up

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Hi members,

I hope you have all had a great month!

Please find the content round-up below for May.

Do you have any feedback or have any ideas of what you want the team to cover? Please send me an email [email protected] – I’d love to hear from you 😊



Ask the Expert:

Managing cognitive changes related to breast cancer treatments with Jo Lewis

We heard from occupational therapist Jo Lewis and BCNA member Kate Keogh Murray. Jo has over 20 years’ clinical experience as an occupational therapist and her clinical work specialises in workplace rehabilitation and work health and safety. She is currently completing her PhD, investigating how cognitive changes experienced by women with breast cancer impact on return to work. Kate was diagnosed with early breast cancer in 2017 and is currently experiencing cognitive changes due to her breast cancer treatment and prescription medication.     

This session addressed what you need to know about cognitive impairment following breast cancer treatment, including key causes and symptoms you may experience, effective strategies and practical tips to help you manage symptoms, and where you can find help. 

Watch here.


Managing long-term side effects of breast cancer treatment

In this webcast we heard from medical oncologist Professor Bogda Koczwara and BCNA Consumer Representative Naveena Nekkalapudi. Bodga is a senior staff specialist at the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer where she developed a Survivorship Program and is the Cancer Council SA’s Clinical Investigator for chronic disease management after cancer. Naveena was diagnosed with early breast cancer in 2014 and discussed the long-term side effects she experiences, her strategies to manage them, and her advice for others. 

This webcast addressed common long-term side effects of breast cancer treatment and how you can manage them, explained why ongoing support and follow-up care is important, explored the role of survivorship care plans and why you might need one, and let you know about support and resources available to you. 

Watch here.

Information Forum:

This month we hosted our first Information Forum in Ballarat. Thank you to those who joined us. We will have on-demand videos of the presentations on the BCNA website in the coming weeks so keep an eye out.

On Wednesday 22 June we will be coming to Launceston. For more information or to register, visit the BCNA website.

The Beacon:

The June edition of The Beacon launches tomorrow! You will be able to view it on the BCNA website.

In this edition of The Beacon, you’ll hear about a woman’s experience with meditation and mindfulness following a breast cancer diagnosis, discover the benefits of mindfulness from our expert, discover the power of a conversation with someone going through a similar experience and learn about why exercise is the wellbeing wonder drug and how you can get into it. Plus, much more!

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