Bone density - dr recommendations

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Hi there I am looking for an endocrinologist in NSW or VIC who has worked with breast cancer patients in relation to bone density. My dexa scans show that I am in the ostopeania range at 40yo. Any good recommendations?


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    Dr Weissberger at St Vincent’s Clinic in Sydney is my endocrinologist and he is excellent.
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    I’m sure he will tell you this but before you start on any medication to strengthen your bones you need to get your teeth fully checked out.

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    Dear @Julez1958 and other knowledgeable bods out there,
    After lumpectomy, chemo, radiotherapy, and three years down the track of faithfully taking my Anastrozole (to suppress estrogen), Alendronate (to prevent osteoporosis) and Calcium tablets; I have never understood the connection between breast cancer treatments and risk for dental work. Would love an explanation! 

    to @Catalina9
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    Hi there
    The drugs taken to arrest the loss of bone density caused by the AI drugs ( Letrazole etc) - biphosphonates - can lead to complications when you have major dental work especially extractions.So It’s best  to get your teeth fully checked out before you start those drugs - my dentist gave me a special 3D x Ray as well as a full physical exam.
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    The most common complication in patients on bisphosphonate therapy is osteonecrosis of jaw (ONJ) which can occur after any surgical dental procedure and the risk for the development of osteonecrosis of jaw is higher in patients receiving intravenous bisphosphonate therapy than in patients receiving oral bisphosphonate therapy. Typical presentation is in the form of non-extraction socket, presence of exposed bone, gingival swelling or purulent discharge, when local debridement and antibiotics are ineffective.

    At present, there is no effective treatment for bisphosphonate induced osteonecrosis, so prevention is extremely important.

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    Hi all, I would like to say that as someone who has been on a bisphosphonate for 9 years that yes unfortunately this drug can do all of the above,I am not allowed to have any teeth removed and a root canal filling is my only option, or a straight out filling, however this is a fantastic drug and has kept my bone mets at bay for the whole 9 years, I have an amazing dentist who looks after me and manages "my condition"I just have to be careful of my teeth and look after them, so please dont worry just make sure that you have a complete dental check up prior to starting this drug, I might add that I have this injection every 6 weeks, not every 6 months as some women do so that is why I have to be extra careful,