March content round-up

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Hi members,

My name is Amelia and I work in the Member Content and
Engagement team at BCNA. At the end of each month, I will do a round-up of all
the podcasts, events and resources we have launched so you all have them in the
one place.

If you have any feedback on the content or have any ideas of
topics you’d like covered, please feel free to always send me an email [email protected].


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In conversation with Shannane and Kate: Under 40 and
living with breast cancer

us for this In Conversation episode
is Shananne and Kate. Kate was diagnosed with stage 3 triple negative breast
cancer when she was 26 years old and 28 weeks pregnant. Shananne was diagnosed
with hormone receptor positive breast cancer in 2018 when she was 37 years old
and pregnant with her third child.

During this candid conversation between
Shananne and Kate we’ll hear about their reaction on being told they had breast
cancer, the treatment they received, the challenges they faced and continue to
face, coping strategies they used and advice they have for other young women.


LGBTIQ+ experiences of cancer and cancer care:

us for this episode of Upfront is Jane Ussher and Natalie Halse. Jane is a
Professor of Women’s Health Psychology in the Translations Health Research
Institute at Western Sydney University and is the lead researcher in the recent
‘Out with Cancer’ Study. Natalie is a registered nurse and a BCNA consumer
representative with lived breast cancer experience of a LGBTIQ+ person.

We hear about some of the key findings of the
‘Out with Cancer’ study and its key learnings, discuss disclosure including how
to do it safely, the positive benefits, and why some people are reluctant and
discover what to do if you experience a negative reaction from a health care
professional and the support available.


Through a rainbow lens – Navigating breast cancer as an
LGBTIQ+ couple:

us for this episode is Mel Krollig and her partner Riki Owens-Bennett. Mel was
diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016 at the age of 36 and has had fertility
treatment, a single mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. Riki works as a
community worker for the LGBTIQ+ communities in South Australia and has been by
Mel’s side during her breast cancer journey. Riki and Mel have been together
for 19 years, and despite a few COVID-19 related delays, married in 2021 in a
celebration surrounded by family and friends.

We’ll hear about Mel’s experience of breast
cancer, how Riki supported her, the challenges the couple faced together and
how they navigated the system as a LGBTIQ+ couple.



Just diagnosed in 2022, what’s next?

In this webcast, we heard from
specialist breast cancer surgeon Mr Sunil (Sunny) Jassal, breast care nurse Meg
McDonald and BCNA Consumer Faye Louey. Sunny is a director and founding member of Melbourne Breast
and Endocrine Surgeons and works with leading radiologists, pathologists,
oncologists and plastic surgeons. Meg works at Melbourne Breast and Endocrine Surgeons where she is
an integral part of the breast cancer care team. Faye was diagnosed with early
breast cancer in 2019 and discussed how she took control of her diagnosis after
the initial shock. 


New resources:

thrilled to have launched new content to support First Peoples women and people
from LGBTIQ+ communities who are diagnosed with breast cancer. 

These two projects, undertaken with
support from Cancer Australia, have enabled BCNA to expand our resources for
people from these marginalised groups to help them feel empowered to make
decisions about their treatment and care and to help them through their breast
cancer journey.  

The information was developed with
significant input from consumers through BCNA’s First Peoples Advisory Group
and LGBTIQ+ Advisory Group. 

more about the new LGBTIQ+
and First Peoples resources via the BCNA website.