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Paget’s disease??

Emzz02Emzz02 Member Posts: 2 New Member
Hi all,

looking for some advice, hopefully someone has been in a similar situation. 

Last Thursday I felt some sharp pain in my left breast radiating from my nipple. Taking a look I found a pimple/wound/ulcer? On the side of my breast which then burst seeping pus and blood. 
I went and did a self check and found a lump about 8cm into my breast from the nipple near my underarm. The next morning this lump had doubled in size. 

I went to my GP that day who ordered an ultrasound, put me on antibiotics in case it was an infection and took a swab of the wound on the nipple. 

I got my results a couple of days ago (during the interim time the lump in my breast has reduced to next to nothing). The ultrasound has advised there was no suspicious mass in my breast, the lump/s identified as lymph nodes. They noticed there was some thickening behind my nipple however which stated cause unknown. They suggested it could be an infection or Paget’s disease. 

My doctor has now put me on a second course of antibiotics and referred me to get a follow up ultrasound as well as a mammogram in about a months time. 

I’m just wondering if people have been in a similar situation? Is my doc doing the right thing? Should I get a second opinion? What were your signs of Paget’s? 

I’m 33, overweight but no family history of breast cancer for context. 

Any advice, personal story etc would be great appreciated as I continue to play dr google and freak myself out. 


  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 3,889
    Dear @Emzz02

    Anything that stops you googling is a good idea, it never helps. Do you need to wait a month for an ultrasound and mammogram? I’d be tempted to have them as soon as possible, for your own peace of mind. The symptoms may indicate a range of possibilities but an ultrasound and mammogram should clarify matters. Best wishes. 
  • Emzz02Emzz02 Member Posts: 2 New Member
    Thank you, no I don’t have to specifically wait for a month but she wants me to at least finish this course of antibiotics in case it is the infection or if it’s anything hormonal as well. I might push it forward a little before I go mental! 
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