Looking for someone with TNBC to chat with! (From a family member of a TNBC patient)

Hi, my name is Marisa, and I have a cousin of a TNBC patient (stage 3). As you might know, TNBC is a rare kind of cancer, it is very hard to get a hold of other TNBC patients. I am hoping to be able to find someone with TNBC to share experiences with.

My cousin is overseas and considering getting treatment here in Melbourne or other parts of Australia. Would be great to hear other people's experiences with Cancer care, trial treatments, etc!

Thanks in advance :)


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    Hi Marisa

    I am a TNBC or had 
    I’m 3weeks away from my 2nd Annual scan 
    post treatments 

    I don’t know if this information is useful to you personally or if it could be more personal to your cousin

    when I first started this journey I to struggled to find others with TNBC to chat with
    I contacted the cancer council and they found a survivor of TNBC who was willing to chat with me 

    they are volunteers  who share their experiences and I think your cousin should be entitled to this. I found this very helpful and comforting in a time that was very traumatic.

    I think you get two phone calls or more if the volunteer is willing 
    hope this is helpful 
    all the best of wishes for you cousin 💖
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    Here is a facebook group for TNBC ladies https://www.facebook.com/groups/1166665270079659/about Only ladies with TNBC can join 

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    Hi Marisa,
    Almost 10 years ago I was diagnosed with TNBC, stage 2A grade 3.  My treatment was in Queensland so your cousin might want to talk with someone from Melbourne.   I had a double mastectomy, 3 months of weekly chemo, 28 days of radiation and then a hysterectomy.  My team threw everything at it!  In April it will be 10 years.  There is a TNBC section on this site where your cousin can find lots of information from women who have been there.   You are a lovely cousin. Best wishes to you both.
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    Hi major,
    Are you looking for someone to talk to or someone who your cousin could talk to?
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    Hi @mtjoe

    Check out this post - where a special Webcast will be held on Feb 17th on the latest treatments for TNBC .....


    take care & all the best for your cousin xx