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Replace implants - ruptured?

I had a bilateral mastectomy 11 years ago and had textured implants. A few months ago I felt a change in them, went to my GP who ordered blood tests and an MRI. According to him, they had ‘imploded’ and he recommended replacement. At about the same time I developed a slight pain for in my ankle which I didn’t see about right away as it always went away when I got moving. Eventually had that explored and tendinitis diagnosed. I had my implants replaced recently by the same surgeon and my ankle pain went away as soon as I was out of surgery.  I suspect a ruptured implant but I am at a loss as to why no one wants to say so. Are they afraid of a law suit. I mean after 11 years they were past their use by date so I don’t blame anyone. Has anyone else had that happen to them?


  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 5,592
    Sorry to hear that @JustTurnedSeventy - there was a lot of news a couple of years back about the textured implants being damaged & needing replacement.  :(  I hope you have recovered well from the surgery.  I'm glad the ankle pain has gone away as well!    I think there WAS a law suit.

    Here's a link to a few discussions that occurred on BCNA at the time ... Allergan brand ....

    Feel free to fill us in on your story so far .... and maybe pop your 'town or city' in your profile - now that covid restrictions are about to ease - we may have members nearby who you could meet up with for a coffee & a chat!!

    take care xx
  • JustTurnedSeventyJustTurnedSeventy Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for your support. I don’t usually use social media and don’t know how to add my town to my profile. I am on the Sunshine Coast Qld.
    i don’t seem to have unearthed anyone who has gone through the same as me yet which was the aim of this post. Perhaps someone will have had experience and let me know.
  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 5,592
    @JustTurnedSeventy - there are probably dome dedicated Facebook groups to do with textured breast implants ... probably 'private groups' so that others can't see the posts.  

    If you join the Reconstruction Group - and put the same post up, you may get more replies ...... @Mez_BCNA - could you arrange this please & copy the post across?

    I'll tag a couple of members who've responded to previous posts .... @primek@Zoffiel

    take care xx

  • ZoffielZoffiel Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 3,257
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    @JustTurnedSeventy my situation is rather different from yours which is why I didnt respond to your original post. Nevermind.
    I've had my implants replaced twice since 2006 and another two ops because they needed repositioning. That was more to do with encapsulation and what I suspect was some sort of immune reaction to the implants themselves. I've always been irritable.
    Some of the references to textured implants would need to be confirmed by your surgeon. My understanding is that very few of the problematic ones were used for genuine reconstruction in Australia. 
    Ruptured implants are not great news but, once again, any speculation by someone who might of read an article in the news about them is not helpful. There is certainly data that suggests having silicon leaking out of our foobs is not good. Ask your surgeon. Sometimes you have to ask them more than once.
    Cause and correlation are not the same thing, which may explain the weird ankle pain. That's the sort of thing that happens to me when I get my knickers in a bunch. Which in no way means that is what happened to you.
    Social media is not a reliable reference point for any medical condition. Go straight to the source and nag your surgeon. Nagging has its benefits and the longer I live against the odds, the better I get at it. Mxx
  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 5,592
    @Zoffiel -  I am not sure which ones you are talking about (and remember that BCNA is also a social media group ...)
    The 'social media groups' that I am on deal with science & evidence based information & one in the USA regularly organises zoom meetings with oncologists and other health professionals so that we can quizz them directly on options, symptoms & side effects. 

    @JustTurnedSeventy -  The TGA put this out in Oct last year (and has links to previous years alerts as well, below this article)

    Out of interest - did your surgeon advise you which Brand of implants you had?  Definitely ask the surgeon if the pathology showed leakage into the surrounding flesh?

    take care xx
  • JustTurnedSeventyJustTurnedSeventy Member Posts: 4
    No, I didn't ask what brand was taken out nor the new ones installed. All I was told was that the old ones were textured and tear drop shape. As i don't intend to go legal, i don't feel the need to know the brand. I am going to ask her on my next visit what the results were.
    i am frustrated now that my ankle is a little sore sometimes again so I am going to see my GP about that.
    i read with interest the TGA link you provided. Thanks for that.

  • Mez_BCNAMez_BCNA VictoriaAdministrator, Staff, Member, Moderator Posts: 139
    Hi @JustTurnedSeventy, I have sent you an invite to the private group 'Choosing breast reconstruction'. You don't have to join If not comfortable, however if you decide you would like to join I can copy your post to a new discussion in the group. 
  • JustTurnedSeventyJustTurnedSeventy Member Posts: 4
    Okay, that sounds good. I am not a social media fan (not on Facebook), but maybe I can learn from some of the others.
  • Mez_BCNAMez_BCNA VictoriaAdministrator, Staff, Member, Moderator Posts: 139
    Okay @JustTurnedSeventy I have created a discussion for you in the group to see if others may like to reply to your post https://onlinenetwork.bcna.org.au/discussion/24049/replace-implants-ruptured/p1?new=1  If ever you feel like you wish to leave any group you most certainly can. Also in general you are welcome to share as little or as much as you like on this forum. 
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