sore toes, nail loss and shoes

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My feet are sore, my toe nails are tender and I'm finding it hard to wear closed in shoes for any length of time. I know many of you are going through the same thing. So what do you do? Do you wear nothing but thongs? (No support for ankles or arches, no grip)
I have searched and searched for shoes that won't hurt my poor tooties. After weeks spent looking, I've found 1 pair of sandals that fit the bill. Have a look and at these and see what you think...


  • Locksley
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    They look like they would be good.  I also had trouble with toe nails lifting.  I wore some skuffs that were not ideal for support and thongs and moccasins slippers.   To top it off I also have heel spurs and plantafsciatis so wearing of thongs skuffs and slippers was not recommended.   Dammed if you do and dammed if you don't.  Hope these work for you.
  • Sue_w
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    Everything else I looked at had a ridge around the front of the toes, had no ankle/arch support, no tread on sole or were too loose on the foot. Even Birkenstock (which are suggest for people with neuropathy) were not suitable. I bought my vionic shoes on line because no one locally had them in stock. Hopefully they will arrive on Monday.
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    Ah, the joys of requiring orthopaedic footwear coupled with a life long aversion to ugly shoes.

    When my toenails let go I couldn't stand the sight of them and the prospect of them catching on something made my stomach churn. I wanted to wear socks

    In the end, good old Dunlop volleys (or the modern equivalent) with robust support inner soles worked for me. Cheap enough that I could throw them in the bin when I did the ritual purge of all things chemo.
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    I bought these in grey and in winter I wore grey socks and everyone just thought I had runners on. I now have a black pair. Maybe not glamorous but they protected my toes with room around them so no pressure and the bottom of my feet stopped hurting.
    KEEN Womens Newport H2 Sandals Poseidon  Capri 65
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    They look great, @Blossom1961.   I found something similar a year or two back but without the toes being enclosed - and I bought 2 pairs, so that when I wore the first pair out, I still had the 2nd pair!   So far, so good!!

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    Hi @Blossom1961
    They look good, so hard to find anything comfortable when your feet hurt! My Vionic shoes arrived today and they are awesomely comfy. It took about 10min to get used to the arch support but I've been wearing them all day and no pain to speak of! Yay!
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    Dear @Sue_w,

    Four years ago I shuffled around in oversized furry slippers until my feet heeled (ha ha) up. Those sandals look very good. 
    Best wishes from jennyss in Western NSW