Managing the cost of breast cancer webcast: tips and resources

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Hi everyone,

BCNA are holding a webcast on Thursday 16 September, 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm AEST on managing the cost of breast cancer: tips and resources. 

For many people with breast cancer, the financial costs associated with treatment and care can be substantial. General day-to-day expenses continue, while you may also have to pay for specialist appointments, tests and scans, medicines and other treatments, counselling, travel and so on.

If you're unable to continue in paid work, the loss of income can also contribute to financial pressure on you and your family. Even when treatment is finished, you may still struggle financially, or you may face the longer-term impacts of ongoing care.

For some people, getting by financially is no easy task, even at the best of times. Money worries can have a big impact on how you and your family cope. Informed financial consent requires people to have information about costs and support to make informed decisions about their care. 

We will hear from Financial Counsellor at Cancer Council Victoria, Antony Mitchell who has a community focus and experience with working with a number of not for profits, and BCNA Consumer Representative Jodie Lydeker who was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer 3 years ago, and detected again in 2021. Jodie will share insight into her lived experience of the financial stress associated with the disease.

In this webcast we will explore managing the costs of breast cancer including informed financial consent, public vs private healthcare, hidden and common out-of-pocket costs, questions to ask your healthcare provider, financial wellbeing, career impacts, issues for those who live in rural and remote areas and the resources and support available to you.

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Event Details 

When: Thursday, 16 September 2021
What Time: 07:00 PM AEST - 08:00 PM AEST
Local Times:
- WA: 5:00 PM 
- NT, SA: 6:30 PM
- QLD, ACT, NSW, TAS, VIC: 7:00 PM